So why invest in Bali? Not only do you get an international holiday home thats right on your doorstep, but the potential to recoup your investment and spend your holidays rent free is among the best in Asia. According to the Global Property Guide, the average return on investment for rental properties in Indonesia is second only to the Phillipines.

Compare average returns of 7.05% annually with just 3.4% currently achieveable in the Sydney rental market.  

These figures are for Indonesia in general. However the ever increasing popularity of Bali and Ubud in particular means that higher returns are easily achievable.

Average hotel prices in Ubud in the 4 star range vary from $80 to $140 per night depending on the tourist season. With your luxury villa you would only need to charge $100 per night, and have it occupied for 50% of the year to return 37.7%. HIgher revenues are available in peak season meaning you can pay off your investment in no time and start earning a tidy income.

Our rental services team can take care of all the nitty gritty, so you don't have to do a thing. We will manage bookings and clients, cleaning and maintenance and make sure your property is always in pristine condition for you and your guests.

The following article gives a great guide to the new developments in and around Ubud, with particular reference to the luxury market, quoting upscale occupancy rates at an impressive 74%.

According to the following report, Bali is now third in investment by Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals behind New York and Aspen, Colorado.

This article compares the rental returns in Indonesia against other South-East Asian Countries